Webinar Resources

September: Wednesday 19, 2018 (90 min)

Danielle Gift (NYC Parks) and Tree Risk Management Resources

October: Wednesday 17, 2018

Yasha Magarik and multi-stemmed trees.

December: Wednesday 19, 2018

Christine Sheppard and Anne Lewis, Lights Out DC reports and resources

Bird-Friendly Building Design 

Links and Gallery 

February: Wednesday 20, 2019

Environmental Education in the District

Rebecca Davis Education Consultant & EDU Program Manager for Clean Air Partners

Tommy Lawrence, Earth Conservation Corp

ELAG Grant – https://osse.dc.gov/page/environmental-literacy-grants

DCEEC Website – http://dceec.org/

Earth Conservation Corp – https://www.earthconservationcorps.org/

March: Wednesday 20, 2019

Nature Prescriptions – Program Updates and Research Status from Philadelphia’s NaturePHL

Michelle Kondo, Research Social Scientist USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station

Elisa Sarantschin, Program Manager Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

NaturePHL – https://naturephl.org/

May: Wednesday 22, 2019

Urban Tree Health Monitoring (THM) and the project dashboard

Rachel Holmes, The Nature Conservancy

Michelle Johnson, USDA Forest Service

June: Wednesday 19, 2019

Megan Draheim, Director of the District Coyote 


July: Wednesday 17, 2019 

Gabby Fitts – Community Forestry Coordinator for Asheville GreenWorks